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KHVA Committee Meeting Agenda and Minutes - 2014

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Knowl Hill Village Association is open to all residents of Knowl Hill.  Our AGM and Committee meetings are generally held in the Village Hall and are also open to all residents.

If you would like to table any issue or idea for discussion at the next meeting please send a short email containing your contact details and a description of the topic you would like to discuss to

The Village Association has four main groups:

  1. BulletThe Communications Team - who edit the website, publish the Knowl Hill eBulletin (you can subscribe on the KHVA Home page) and publish the Knowl Hill News Magazine

  2. BulletThe Community Team - who look after community matters in the village and any charitable donations made by the KHVA

  3. BulletThe Common Team - who are working to ensure the future of the common land in the village is secure

  4. BulletThe Events Team - who organise and run many of the great events that are held in the village

The Village Association always needs more volunteers, so if you could spare some time to help out please email and let us know which of the groups interests you the most.

KHVA Meeting Agenda - Monday 17th Feb 2014

KHVA Meeting Minutes - Monday 17th Feb 2014

KHVA AGM 2014 Meeting Minutes and Financial Statements

2014 AGM - Agenda

KHVA AGM Draft Minutes - Monday 10th Nov 2014

KHVA Financial Statements - P&L

KHVA Financial Statements - BS

KHVA Committee Meeting Agenda and Minutes - 2015

KHVA Meeting Agenda - Thursday 14th May 2015

KHVA Capital Spend Report DRAFT v3

KHVA Meeting Minutes - Thursday 14th May DRAFT v1

KHVA AGM 2015 Meeting Minutes and Financial Statements

2015 AGM - Agenda

2015 AGM Minutes, Group Reports and Financial Statements

KHVA AGM 2017 Meeting Minutes and Financial Statements

2017 AGM - Agenda