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Once again we were lucky with the weather for this fantastic event, a bit blowy earlier on and a few sport of rain at the end but overall a lovely evening.  Guests were able to take a look at Richard Sandford’s fabulous kitchen garden whilst taking a glass of bubbly followed by an excellent buffet dinner.

The Village Association would very much like to thank everyone who attended and our sponsors who donated such generous raffle prizes for their support.  The funds raised from the event will go to support our donations to local charities and our other local works.  You can get to any of our supporters web sites just by clicking on their logo opposite.

A few selected pictures are shown below, a full set of photos can be found on our photo gallery page.

Arranging event like the Garden Supper Party takes a huge amount of effort and our events team are always looking for volunteers.  If you would like to get involved and support the events team please click here to send us an email.