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Knowl Hill sits across 2 boroughs, west of Star Lane is part of Wokingham Borough Council and east of Star Lane is in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. Where appropriate the information provided relates to one borough or another.  Other useful services are common to both boroughs.


Refuse Collection

Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead
Refuse Collection

CHANGES TO BLACK BIN COLLECTION - click "More Information" below

The Council provides homes with a black wheelie bin for general rubbish (collected fortnightly), a blue wheelie bin for recycling and a small black caddy for food waste (both collected weekly). They also offer free kerbside collection for:

  • clothes and textiles (collected with the black bin)

  • small electrical items (collected with the blue bin) 

  • batteries in separate bag from small electrical items (collected with the blue bin)

Simply put your items into a plastic bag and label them accordingly – ‘clothes & textiles’ or ‘small electrical items’ or ‘batteries’ and place them on or near your bin on collection day.


You can arrange to have a green wheelie bin for garden waste.  You can also arrange to have larger household items collected from your home, again for a fee. For current pricing and up to date information follow the More Information button to the RBWM web site


There is a big municipal recycling centre that is free to residents for their domestic waste at Stafferton Way, Maidenhead SL6 1AY.

Fly Tipping

If you come across any fly tipping in the RBWM area, you can report it by following the More Information button.

Wokingham Borough Council
Refuse Collection

The Council provides homes with disposable blue bags for general rubbish, re-usable green bags for recycling and a small black caddy for food waste.  You can arrange to have a brown wheelie bin for garden waste.  You can also arrange to have larger household items collected from your home.

For up to date pricing information and to find out your bin collection dates and other refuse and recycling services, follow the More Information button to the Wokingham Borough Council web site.

Wokingham B.C.

There are 2 rubbish tips near Wokingham Borough run by Re3:

  • Longshot Lane, Bracknell,
    RG12 1RL

  • Smallmead, Island Road, Reading,
    RG2 0RP


Recycling Services

Recycling laptops, mobile phones, cables etc.

The UK is one of the worst countries in the world at creating e-waste e.g. laptops, mobile phones, cables etc. 


E-waste is often made up of materials such as zinc, lead, nickel and flame retardants. This means they’re built to last a long time, and they often create issues when it comes to disposal. When e-waste is warmed up, it creates toxic fumes that harm our atmosphere. When it is sent to landfill, it produces harmful liquids that seep into the ground, affecting land and marine life. However, the good news is that 80% of the materials in these items can be recycled AND it is very easy to do so….


WeeCharity is a NOT-for-profit UK registered charity that offers FREE complete recycling of computers and electrical equipment in order to reduce the amount of WEEE Waste that ends up in landfill. And they collect from your home! 

Furniture and Other Household Items
British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation offers a free home collection service for large household items that are in good condition and can be resold e.g. beds, sofas, furniture, hi-fi equipment etc.

At the moment there is a very restricted service available due to the corona virus, but it is expected that this service will resume once the pandemic is under control.

Recycling unwanted items

Freecycle is a global movement for people to give away locally (or obtain) items no longer needed, for free. It's all about reuse and keeping stuff out of landfills. Membership is free. 

Scrap Metal
Recycling metal

There is a local scrap metal dealer (based in Slough) who will collect many items for free, such as old appliances. 


Green Education

Green Redeem
Behavioural change and the environmental challenge 

Both Wokingham and Windsor & Maidenhead Borough Councils have partnered with a company called Green Redeem who specialise in behaviour change and are applying their skills to the environmental challenge.

Their website has some really useful articles, activities and rewards relating to environmental issues. To register follow the More Information link... 


KHVA Initiatives

KHVA Litter Pick
Keeping our village clean

The Knowl Hill Village Association organises a village litter pick 2 or 3 times a year, normally held on a Saturday morning at 10.30. 

Volunteers are provided with black bin bags, litter pick sticks and Hi-Viz vests. We split up into pairs and cover different parts of the village and we meet up again around 12.30 for a drink at the pub.


Everyone is welcome!

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